Bootleg podcast of François Le Hodey

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Yesterday, François Le Hodey (head of the IPM group who holds Belgian newspapers like La Libre Belgique or La Dernière Heure) was the special guest of the Belgian Marketing & Management Association lunch. That’s the occasion I chose to test “live” my new micro for iPod. The audio quality is pretty awful (this tool seems perfect for face-to-face interviews, not for long distance records) but this small experience brightly shows that we’re all potential content producers now… and this means a sea change for media companies as well as for brands and advertisers. If you listen carefully our podcast, François Le Hodey does not say anything else in his presentation. We give him here a proof of concept ;-).

For those who follow the “Google vs. Copiepresse conflict”, the most interesting commentaries are around 1740 on the player.

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