Brice talks about the death of traditional advertising

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

PUB and BFM Today recently invited Brice Le Blévennec for a filmed interview on the inertia of traditional media. How can press groups and advertisers adapt themselves to better respond to the evolution of society?

Our visionary of the world of communication underlined the many rear guard actions taken by the sector. “The media must change their way of operating”, he says “The world has changed, habits have changed and readers have changed too. The future is now in the hands of a new generation, that of the digital natives, those who have never known life without the cell phone.”

You can review Brice’s baleful interview on the BFM website.

To continue thinking on these lines, here is a recent presentation of Brice Le Blévennec on the future of communication and the media entitled “Looking at the future?

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