Control your home appliances with one click on your smartphone!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Thanks to the new Emakina-developed mobile App, launched today at the Batibouw fair, Electrabel customers can now follow their energy consumption and expenses using any smartphone or tablet device. What’s even more exciting about the new App is that users can use it to switch on and off their home appliances. So on your next vacation, while sunbathing on a tropical island; you could easily verify if you have left your electric heating on before leaving your home. Or while at work, you could check whether your innocent-looking pet is not throwing a huge house party every time you are out (as brilliantly suggested in the new service’s ad).

But wait! If you’re on vacation, or busy at work you probably have other things to do than checking your energy consumption five times a day. We, at Electrabel and at Emakina, also thought about those with less time to spare. The new service can automatically send you an SMS or an email whenever irregular energy consumption is spotted. This way, if you really did leave your heating on before catching your plane, you will be notified right away, and not by discovering your next monthly bill…!



As a longstanding digital partner of Electrabel, this is the third mobile App we have developed for the Belgian energy provider. We are also highly involved in Electrabel’s website development; web communication; mobile and personalised applications. Our high level of mutual trust allowed us to even come up with a multiple-player tablet game which we offered visitors at the Batibouw fair to play simultaneously on a giant screen.

What makes this product so unique is that it goes further in redefining home automation technology. The App can produce separate statistical analysis on each appliance’s consumption, displayed per hour, day, month, or year! This is of real economic value for responsible consumers who try to lower their energy consumption and their consequent expenses. These are smart features, but above all we made sure the App is so easy to use that even your grandmother could get addicted to it.

The new App is already available for iPhones, Androids, and three other platforms. An iPad version is being developed and will be available shortly. To read more or order your own Smart energy box, check out the Electrabel website.


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