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Did you see my goblin?

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

For the launch of the new Sprite campaign, which adopted the goblin, a rather hideous creature by Jim Henson (Muppet Show), Emakina designed and orchestrated an innovative viral marketing campaign combining guerrilla marketing with a dozen online viral tactics: creating false blogs, interfering with chat-rooms, sending fake “chain” emails, circulating “shock” video footage, creating a fake fan site using “forward to a friend” mechanisms, publishing a fake newspaper intended for the press, fake small ads in the press…

Over the course of a month, over 100.000 individual visitors were drawn by word-of-mouth before the launch of the new Sprite website and the beginning of the more traditional bannering campaign. The usual product information, wallpaper etc. can be found on the site, but in particular there are also the SMS, emails and voicemails left by members of the public during the teaser stage.


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