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Emakina revamps AGC websites

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

As you probably heard in the media, Glaverbel turned into AGC Flat Glass Europe a few days ago. On this special occasion, we developed four new websites for AGC (Asahi Glass Company) Flat Glass, the world’s leading producer of flat glass.

– Glaverbel.com has logically disappeared to become the website of AGC Flat Glass Europe (www.agc-flatglass.eu), designed in 5 different languages (French, Dutch, Russian, English and Czech). To be checked out: the webcast of the press conference unveiling the new brand identity.

– We’ve also developed the new AGC Flat Glass website (www.agc-flatglass.com) that presents the group activities at a worldwide level.

– We took care of the brand new website of AGC Europe (www.agceurope.com), an entity delivering corporate services to the sectors where AGC is active in Europe.

– And, last but not least, our team has produced the micro-website of AGC Automotive Europe (www.agcautomotive.eu) within a very, very short deadline.

After updating Glaverbel.com for years, we’re of course delighted to confirm here the long-term relationship we’ve built up with Asahi Glass Company as a whole. Each of these websites uses the emagiC CMS.Net solution to run the content management.


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