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Emakina and Magnum deliver pleasure together

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Magnum has always been one of your favorite treats…but with Christmas and New Year around the corner you can’t afford to pile on the kilos? Now, you’ll have no excuse thanks to the  new Magnum Mini Pleasure collection. Mini ice creams for a maximum of pleasure!



Magnum launches its “Magnum Mini Pleasure Delivery Service” Campaign – in the hope of making us feel better about our indulgences! This campaign relies on a personalized delivery system: a delivery boy delivers to you, personally at home, your indulgence. Allowing you to a guilt-free taste of the different existing mini flavours.

To sustain its campaign and spread it, Magnum asked Emakina to develop an online member website. Hence the website where clients can register for the Pleasure Delivery Service. The clients can also, via the « friend selector » of Facebook, select their friends and share the pleasure with them.



To inform the lucky winners of a Pleasure Delivery Service, Emakina has also set up an SMS service that directly sends information to the clients about the delivery date of the Mini Pleasure. Emakina also delivered to Magnum a CMS backend that enable Magnum to download the winners and to plan the best delivery route.

Regarding the formatting of the campaign, Emakina has collaborated with « Square Melon » in Amsterdam, the office is also responsible for the development of the door-to-door system and of the use of the delivery boys.

The success of the campaign was so big that it’ll be relauched in 2012. Be Magnum, think Magnum, and say that a day without pleasure is a wasted day!



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