Emakina campaign for smart touches green hearts

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

smart goes green

Automobile manufacturer, smart, has launched a new environmental campaign, focused at the company’s environmental responsibility. The campaign, created and executed by the digital agency, Emakina, presents the CO2 compensation of the smart cars in an original and lively manner.

168 trees = 1 smart

The city car brand has recently launched a new CO2 compensation programme in the Benelux countries. The idea behind it is that smart compensates for the emission of each car it sells, (calculated on the basis of four years on the road). For each car sold across the Benelux countries, 168 trees will be planted in Kenya. This makes smart the first car manufacturer in the world to launch a programme of this kind.



The ‘natural’ partner of smart for this programme is WeForest. This international NGO is specialised in reforestation and permaculture in many countries. The efforts of this organisation offer numerous advantages, including contributing to the ecology and to bio-diversity through planting new tree species and to the economy by creating an entire array of new local jobs.

The campaign makes use of a baby gorilla in order to show the new link between the client and the animal, thanks to the trees, planted for the latter on behalf of the former. The message is thus transmitted using an original human and humorous tone, showing viewers that nature “thanks” the client for its recent generous gesture. Last but not least, the smart website allows visitors to follow the plantation progress.

And… the campaign is going forward at a good pace, with almost 100 000  trees that are already  planted.



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