Emakina creates all Six Flags Europe parks websites

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

The European Division of Six Flags is launching its new website. The new home page of www.sixflagseurope.com sets the scene in a fun and friendly way. Framed against a starry sky, the planets Walibi, Six Flags, Warner Bros. Movie World and Bellewaerde, the group’s four identities in Europe, are all on display. To make life easier for web users, each of the four planets has powerful motifs specific to its own identity. Children of all ages will be delighted by the animals and nature features shown on the planet Bellewaerde. The sensational
attractions associated with the Six Flags parks will delight the most intrepid young adventurers. Others will prefer to visit the movies and meet the stars at Warner Bros. Movie World or even seek out the water holes and gentler attractions of Walibi.

www.sixflagseurope.com seeks to be both informative and innovative. People arriving at the site can easily find the prices, timetables, interactive maps and calendars for seven of the eight European parks – Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid has not been reshaped by EMAKINA. Very soon the site will also be home to a ‘job site’, ‘newsletters’ and an online payment module for the Euro Season Pass, secured by Ogone.

During the next few months, www.sixflagseurope.com will be raising its profile still more as a support for marketing activities, both with outside partners and between the parks themselves. The site is scheduled to host e-mail marketing actions and, very soon, a campaign associated with the launch of the new “Challenge of Tutankhamon” attraction at the
Six Flags Belgium park.

Continuing success www.sixflagseurope.com has already been quite an extraordinary success. The site receives several tens of thousands of individual visitors every day. The total number of page views per day is in the hundreds of thousands.

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