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Emakina creates the new version of Coca-Cola.be

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

A website like www.coca-cola.be must anticipate trends and innovate at technological level. The brand realised this and assigned EMAKINA the task of developing a series of modules which would be both playful and unifying.

Launched at the beginning of February, the recasting of the website started with the creation of a new homepage, which is simultaneously more urban and more modular and involves the uploading of a new application every fortnight.

“The www.coca-cola.be website enjoyed significant success among surfers and professionals in 2002 . It was therefore important for the site to remain a pioneer at the technology and trend level in 2003. Considering this, we imagined and developed the applications “Vego”, “Cinémotions”, “Coke Dome”, “CokeLAB” and “Coke’Tail”. Of these, some such as “Vego” are being implemented for a relatively long period. Other modules such as Cinémotions have already disappeared and are in the process of being replaced by new ones. Our objective is for the surfer to discover a site which is always different and ever richer at each visit”, explains Brice Le Blévennec, a Partner at EMAKINA.

Fully designed and imagined by EMAKINA, Vego fits into the trend for branded community websites. Aimed at teenagers, the application allows them to create a virtual ego (Vego) and to experience evenings online through it. The surfer has the choice between millions of combinations when creating his Vego.

With Vego, EMAKINA gives a fresh boost to the chat concept by offering a real-time chat system which allows ample room for the ‘voice’ aspect. On arriving in the chatroom, the surfer can talk in the general room or withdraw to organise private or public evenings while managing a musical background. He can also download a standalone application “Coke Messenger” to find out whether possible virtual friends are online. And the very best feature: a user can even send an e-card or screen background in personalised Vego colours to acquaintances and send out invitations for chat evenings.

Vego is one of the most innovative applications at technological level and makes use of the tools Flash MX, Flash Communication Server MX and Cold Fusion MX.

The new modules implemented also include online games and competitions. For example, there is the Bartender Game which puts the surfer in the position of a barman, with the goal of making a certain number of cocktails in a defined period of time. In the same trend Coke’Tail allows the user to rediscover the various uses of Coca-Cola in alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails.

www.coca-cola.be will also be the relay point for ‘CokeLAB’ events organised in the near future and involving several fashionable Belgian nights out. Within the framework of these parties, clubbers will be able to discover Coca-Colas linked to original fruity flavours. The ‘CokeLAB’ module will offer a calendar of events and photographs taken during different evenings.

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