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Emakina.FR becomes the web agency of the Brady Group for Europe

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

The Brady Group, world leader in solutions of identification and security, has entrusted Emakina with the design of its European platform for the online sales of its remote subsidiaries. The agency will put in place a strategy for remaking 22 e-commerce sites in 14 European countries where various branded entities distribute a range of more than 300,000 products to tens of thousands of clients in Europe (from small companies to major multinational concerns).

Emakina’s task will be to develop the European e-business platform of the Brady Group so as to improve the web channel of the Group’s remote sales subsidiaries. This requirement is based on the Group’s determination to present a unique and consistent Europe-wide image. In effect, Emakina will have to render uniform the data from various sites, as well as to harmonise offers and the graphics of the various branded sales entities. The Magento solution has been chosen because it best matches the major technical parameters of the project while allowing for advanced customisation.

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