Emakina.FR has a hot plan for Buffalo Grill

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Emakina.FR has developed an innovating mobile experience for Buffalo Grill. It has done so in partnership with Facebook. Buffalo Grill has a hot plan on offer for its mobile customers. This digital experience allows customers who use geolocalisation together with a friend on Facebook to get a free tapas mix.

After having identified the friend who accompanies him, the user has to confirm his physical presence in the restaurant via Facebook. He immediately gets a hot plan coupon that he can trade in via his mobile screen.

Manuel Diaz, Emakina.FR’s president: “For almost 15 years now, we have been stimulating brands to invest in the universe of the social web via a mobile phone. The operations are genuinely innovating and exciting. We are particularly proud to support Buffalo Grill with this new campaign, one of the very first in the genre, that is the perfect combination of geolocalisation and social networks.”

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