Emakina Group distributes the first dividend in its history

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

As publicly-traded company on Alternext, we communicated today Emakina Group’s annual results for 2008. Over the last twelve months, our sales reached 31.484.834 EUR compared to 17.371.543 EUR last year, a growth of 81%. At constant scope, sales growth in 2008 reached 55%. Moreover, the EBITDA (operational earnings before interest, depreciation and amortization) increased by 70% to reach 2.686.862 EUR in 2008. At constant scope, EBITDA increased by 26%.

Based on these good results, the Board of Directors of Emakina Group will propose to the Ordinary Shareholders’ meeting of April 22, 2009 the distribution of the first dividend in its history, for a gross total of 200.000 EUR, or a gross (net) value of 0,05781 EUR (0,04914 EUR) per share.

Several factors contributed to these results above expectations:

– The development of the activities of subsidiaries acquired in 2007, whose contribution to 2008 results represented more than half of the consolidated EBITDA for 2008. This performance confirms the strategy of external growth adopted by Emakina Group since its listing on Alternext in 2006.

– The creation of new centres of expertise (Emakina/Media, Emakina/Perform, Emakina/Social, Emakina/Direct, Emakina/Motion, Emakina/Mobile et Emakina/aprilFIRST) which bring specialization to each market segment and allow Emakina Group to deploy an integrated service offering at a pan-European level.

– Emakina acquired new clients and international projects thanks to commercial and operational synergies set up between the entities of the network. The agencies of Emakina Group now take charge of pan-European projects, thanks to their presence in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. This demand will probably increase due to the economic down-turn which is forcing international groups to rationalize their investments.

In 2008, new clients such as Air France KLM, Bekaert, Panasonic France, Aero Mexico or Pfizer Europe chose an agency of Emakina Group as their partner in order to ensure their presence in new media.

The past year also was one where two new entities were created in Emakina Group : Emakina/ Media and Emakina.EU. Emakina/Media is the first media agency of the Belgian market which is solely dedicated to electronic and interactive media. Thanks to this know-how, Emakina gives advertisers the capacity to integrate new media into their strategic vision without compromising on traditional channels of communication. Emakina.EU is a new agency which offers services dedicated to European and international institutions, in order to help them to respond adequately to the challenge of European construction and the globalization of economy.

Finally, the agencies of Emakina Group received more than 27 national and international awards, including three awards at the prestigious Webby Awards, hailed as the « Oscars of the internet » by international press.

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