Emakina Group launches Zwan.be

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Zwan frankfurters have been a household name in Belgian homes for over 70 years. After a six-year communication stop, the brand wrote a pitch for its online activities.

Emakina won the race with a concept where Alex and Julie, the Zwan friends from the new television commercial, play the lead roles. Zwan.be offers brand activations throughout the year based on the theme ‘Real Moments, Real Zwan’.

Via social network sites Facebook and Netlog, Alex and Julie will start a relationship with the brand’s fans.

Surfers are asked to join in a big competition where they have to send in photos of ‘Real Moments’ they experienced with friends and family. Visitors of new website Zwan.be can then vote for the best photos. The winning photo will be the campaign’s image of ‘Real Moments are experienced with Zwan’ in 2010. The winner gets a games box that includes a Wii console.

The website also includes a making-of of the television commercials and the result of the opinion survey about ‘Real Moments’ carried out by InSites Consulting.

Emakina.NL, the Dutch agency of the Emakina Group, is responsible for the site’s concept, design, development and upkeep.


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