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Emakina is the new digital agency of Estée Lauder in the Benelux

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Estée Lauder, leader in the world of cosmetics, chose Emakina to provide digital and social strategy and e-commerce for their brand. First projects include a Facebook page for Estée Lauder Belgium, coupled with a competition in partnership with the women’s magazine ELLE Belgium and ELLE Netherlands. The brand also invites users to ‘undress’ in an original fashion on Estée Lauder Facebook Page

Nothing to hide
For the launch of the new range of Illuminator products, the agency has come up with a Facebook application which allows users to really undress! The customers surely have NOTHING TO HIDE?! With this Facebook contest, nothing is simpler: Just describe in a few words, and choose the 5 posts or photos which best fit your personality, and show you have nothing to hide. Your Facebook friends are called upon to vote and judge that nothing is being hidden! Apparently a successful formula, given the impressive number of users who have already filled their profile.

Star for a day
At the end of this competition, there are not only 50 packs of Estee Lauder products available as prizes, but also their 10 top user profiles (5 French & 5 Dutch speaking) will have their moment of fame with the coverage of the paparazzi, as the subject of a article in Elle magazin (Belgium & Holland) – as well as on the  Facebook page of Estee Lauder Belgium.






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