Emakina launches Emakina/Yoga, a new competence centre dedicated to the practice of Yoga

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Headed by Benoît Conotte, famous Yogi and previous Business Development Manager, this new competence centre will provide a unique relaxation service offering towards Emakina’s customers.

Brice le Blévennec, CVO of Emakina Group confirms us: “During the latest Digital Marketing First seminar, Emakina Belgium and The Reference provided 2 professional masseuses at their booth which turned out to be an instant hit.
Upon further analysis, it was observed that during those days we succesfully delivered dozens of customer massages, while the number of interactive campaigns and websites sold was effictively zero.
One of Emakina’s strong points has always been to respond quickly to marketing trends as they develop themselves. We have therefore instantly cancelled all our ongoing AJAX trainings and retrained our technical staff in the ancient techniques of Hatha Yoga.”

“With the current economical crisis, our customers are becoming more and more stressed. Emakina has always been preoccupied with putting our customers at ease by offering them relevant custom-made solutions. After launching competence centres like Emakina/Perform (offering a unique integrated solution of Web Analytics and Search Engine Marketing) and Emakina/Media (the first media company specialized into 100% Digital Media Planing and Purchase) we are now launching our newest Competence Center called Emakina/Yoga”, as announced proudly by Denis Steisel, CEO.

John Deprez, CEO of Emakina Belgium, adds “This transition from End-to-End Project Management to End-to-End Customer Management is a logical next step in our corporate strategy: making customers happy. Practically, in order to deliver zero-defect projects next to our Waterfall, Prince2 and Scrum methodologies, we have also added Meditation as a methodology that is now being practiced in large scala Java projects.”

Furthermore, Karim Choukri, responsible for acquisitions and integrations, specifies: “Rather than calling upon offshore services for web development (which is not always ideal for customer facing websites as it introduces quality and communication risks), this time we actually do foresee far reaching partnerships with Indian tribes in the region of Bangalore. This new activity is expected to substantially contribute to the bottom-line of Emakina Group as a whole”

Finally, Brice Le Blévennec concludes: “Another world premier for Emakina! We are the first agency based in Watermael-Boisfort to include this integrated service in the rest of our Full Service Digital Agency offering. To further recognize this new keystone activity, we have enriched our corporate colour set Orange, Blue and Green – that already stood for Creativity, Technology and Business – with the new colours Black and White that will stand for Ying and Yang.

Emakina – your one-stop shop for Creativity, Technology and Business – now with Ying&Yang!

Emakina Chief Yoga Officer

Emakina Chief Yoga Officer

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