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Emakina launches the site for the Audi A1 Black|White

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Audi Belgium offers its clients a special series of the Audi A1. Only 25 cars will be sold. Here’s the Audi A1 Black|White. This collection piece can only be bought online via www.audia1blackwhite.be, a new dedicated site, which has been developed by  Emakina.

The Audi A1 Black|White is a special series that adds a high dose of sportivity to the Audi A1. On top of this unseen look, this series, limited to 25 numbered cars, has plenty of exclusive equipments, such as an iPhone 4!

For this very special occasion, Emakina has developed www.audia1blackwhite.be, a dedicated mini-site on which customers can discover the city car and book it as from 21 June at 11 a.m.

An exclusive car that can only be booked online. A first for the Audi brand in Belgium!

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