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Emakina creates mobile blogs for Proximus

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

No need anymore to get back from holiday to share your best souvenirs with your friends: just subscribe to the mobile blogging platform we launched for Proximus a few weeks ago.

This tool enables you to share in real time the best pictures and videos you shoot with your cell phone through the sending of a simple MMS.

You already have your own blog or personal space on the web? No problem. We provide you with a widget that displays a banner with your own pictures inside. This service is free of charge for Pay&Go Generation customers. You only pay for the MMS. An incredible asset for Proximus, which wants Pay&Go Generation to become the favorite pre-paid card among youngsters.

There has been quite a lot of press coverage around the Proximus moblogs. Check out the links below:

Le Soir en ligne

PUB.be (registration required)


Data News


Belgique Mobile (we love the third commentary)

Belga feed on Skynet.be (small mistake in the launch date, sadly enough)


And more to come hopefully…

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