Emakina ready for the Unox New Year’s dive

Author: Luc Malcorps

Thousands of people in the Netherlands have adopted the tradition to literally dive into the New Year.
The Unox New Year’s Dive has now truly become a part of the Dutch holiday celebrations.

January 1st 2012, some 10,000 Dutch brave polar bears in the city of Scheveningen will continue the exhilarating tradition. In recent years, enthusiasts in other cities all over the Netherlands joined in the fun, at each occasion also wearing the easily recognizable orange Unox-outfits. Now this ice cold madness is even spreading across the borders.



For many years now, Emakina.NL has developed the brand site and online activations for Unox, accompanying these and other cool events and promotions. With the growing popularity of tablets and smartphones, the team this year chose to create an adapted site, accessible for  all platforms. It contains all you can expect on a website dedicated to this crazy dive. There is an overview of all diving spots and timings, an extensive photo album, possibilities to upload content, weather reports, news and social sharing opportunities.

This activation is fully integrated in the Unox-site, keeping all visitors inside the Unox environment for separate actions. Want to dive in? Check the site and see what’s going on. Wizz kids will no doubt notice our smart tweaks that link the site and the Facebook-fanpage. As the only preferred Facebook developer for the Netherlands Emakina could hardly forget to do this, of course.

Is it a cold day? Time to start your polar bear training programme, perhaps…


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