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Emakina thanks the Brussels-Capital Region for its support of our research on mobile technologies

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

In order to better serve our current and future clients, Emakina is committed to a never-ending learning process through Research and Development (R&D). Such a research project was recently executed in cooperation and with the generous support of Innoviris, the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation.

Based within the region of the Belgian capital, Emakina was entitled to public funding, which covered 50% of a year-long study conducted by our employees on all levels. The study analysed the effects of new mobile technologies in general, and the development of optimisation for tablets and smartphone devices, in particular. Thanks to this study (and hopefully future ones to come) Emakina is improving the quality of its services. In fact, the application of the study’s results on incoming projects has already proven to yield great added value.



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