Emakina’s Blogging Community

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Two things about Emakinians’ involvement in the blogosphere.

1. BVLG has recently published this ranking on the French-speaking blogs in Belgium. It turns out that 4 out of 21 (Vinch, 64k, Epicurien and Blog Tendances) work at Emakina. Not bad ! I’m a bit skeptical about Technorati-based rankings : it takes neither the content nor the audience into account to determine the “authority” of a blog (the main criteria is the number of inbound links for each blog). However, BVLG’s exercise reflects the passion of our collaborators who are completely immersed in the big pool of new technologies. And the bloggers community at Emakina is still growing with the arrival of Alexandre de Haan (aka 6h17.be) in our agency.

2. If you are a blogger (and even if you’re not), the first Yulbiz Brussels (organized by our integrator Vincent Battaglia) was the place-to-be this Saturday. Check out the pictures on Flickr.

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