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Enjoy the Chill on Coca-Cola

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

“Life is a dance and then you chill”

The “chill” knows only one rule: there is no rule. It is an emotion, a feeling…

With the realease of the Enjoy The Chill section, Emakina celebrates the V2.0 of the Chill Zone. Through this section, Coca-Cola invites you to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing Chill moment with your friends.

The ETC (Enjoy The Chill) section on the Coca-Cola web site provides tons of information about the parties with an on-line agenda (when and where), free stuffs and goodies (E-cards, screen saver…), a game to CHILL & WIN cool prizes but also a VJ section.

You’ll learn all about VJ’ing, the concept, the history. You will be able to download the best VJ software available on the market (Arkaos VJ2.1) to practice and create 3D animations like a Pro and win the CHILL VJ contest!!

The deliverables for Emakina were clear:

> to structure a strategy based on the Chill Zone’s Net-pillars
> contact partnerships to develop games and win premiums mecanisms
> integration to the NET media of existing designs

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