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EU bureaucracy untangled in a new clip for the Euro-Ombudsman

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

The European Ombudsman has a critical role as the point of contact of any EU citizen or entity who wishes to appeal against an EU institution. Its role, however, is not always known by those same EU citizens whom the Ombudsman is meant to serve. A new clip, produced by Emakina to be launched today, illustrates this message in a light and entertaining manner.

Due to the difficulty to communicate the role of such a complex institution, Emakina presented the Ombudsman three different concepts, each  detailed to a high degree. The winning concept (illustrated below) interprets rather literally the feeling of being “tangled” in EU bureaucracy…



As of today, the final product is being disseminated across all EU Member States, in 22 different local languages. While in the short run the distribution strategy is based mostly on social media, the product’s high quality makes it fully adaptable for television dissemination as well. Broadcasting opportunities across Europe are already being explored so don’t be surprised if you find this clip on your big screen:


http://<a href="http://vimeo.com/49145847">http://vimeo.com/49145847</a>


Emakina.EU had the pleasure to produce the Ombudsman’s first clip of this kind. Fortunately, the feeling was mutual, as this unique client expressed great appreciation of the final clip, across all levels of its organisation. To put it in the words of the European Ombudsman’s head of communication unit, Benjamin Hagard: “…the Ombudsman himself, as well as his team, are highly satisfied with the result, and with… [Emakina’s] creativity and dynamism all along this project”.


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