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Find your way in Second Life with Brussels Airlines

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

In collaboration with bluepill Group, we start today a very ambitious campaign in Second Life for Brussels Airlines. By now, you will find new interactive voting boxes installed on some twenty islands of this virtual world. These voting boxes, carefully selected by Brussels Airlines, allow you to vote for your favourite island.

Second Life

On the b.places website, you will find a list, updated in real time, of the places that have received the most votes. A direct link will take you straight to each of these destinations inside Second Life itself. You can also suggest personal favourites that you may have stumbled across in the course of your own wanderings. The ambition of b.places is to become a true guide to the “places to be” in Second Life through this user-generated content.

The interactive voting boxes will also provide you with a free HUD (heads-up display). This special window is an addition to the traditional Second Life user interface, and offers you short cuts to the islands voted for on b.places.

More and more advertisers seek to gain a foothold in virtual communities. At Emakina, we strongly believe brands must bring added value to Second Life inhabitants and not only play on the hype surrounding the parallel worlds over the Net. In the case of Brussels Airlines, speed and efficiency of service are two fundamental values of this company. Customers need to find the quickest route to their chosen destination, easily. Brussels Airlines applies this same commitment to Second Life by guiding users to the best places to visit within this immense virtual universe. B.places is positioning itself as a genuine travel agency – just like Brussels Airlines in the real world. Thanks to the cosmopolitan character of Second Life, bringing together Internet users all over the world, our client aims to attract new customers located beyond Belgian borders.

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