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Flemish libraries, any way you like!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Thanks to The Reference, a proud member of the Emakina Group, Flemish public libraries now enjoy a renewed website, with a beautiful and responsive design. Bibliotheek.be  is the gateway to zoeken.bibliotheek.be, a special library catalog shows all items available in more than 200 Flemish public libraries.

This website creates the overview of what is happening in the Flemish public libraries. On its renewed version, you will now find the addresses, contact details, websites and opening hours of all libraries in Flanders. It also collects the blog posts created by all Flemish libraries and offers them in chronological order on this one spot on the internet. Along with UitinVlaanderen.be, the new site will keep you updated with all that is happening in Flemish libraries.

bibliotheque updated

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