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For Carl De Moncharline Emakina created TrucTroc


Truc Troc is an artistic, musical party with a nightlife atmosphere with pop sounds where you will eventually have the opportunity to purchase the work of art you always dreamed of.

Truc Troc suggests a mere principle : it is a matter of exchanging, objects, services, travels of other things suitable for the artist against a work of art and its present value.

About Emakina
Founded in March 2001, the Emakina e-business agency offers Web agency, Web integration and e-business consultancy and marketing communication services. The range of integrated services offered by Emakina has attracted several large companies including Coca-Cola, Cora, D’Ieteren, Electrabel, ExxonMobil, Fortis, Glaverbel, Godiva, Kraft Foods, Manpower, Proximus and SNBA.

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Brice Le Blévennec
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