From anonymity to fame – the CE-E robot is now a singing phenomenon!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

You knew you could rely on him for toy certification, but did you also know he can also sing?

Back in February, Emakina/ Motion produced a viral clip on toy safety for the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry (DG ENTR). The clip was a huge success, among other reasons, due the original 3D characters, led by the newly-created star: the CE-E robot. The little hero spends his nights in a toy shop, checking out his fellow toys (especially Barbie…) to make sure they are safe for use. In fact, CE-E was created to raise awareness of the EU toy certification (CE marking), ensuring they are safe and well-explained to potential buyers.

Since we all fell in love with little CE-E, we were delighted when the Commission asked us to produce a new clip, in which the robot reveals his singing skills…!

The challenge in both these clips was to target both young children and their parents, across Europe. In order to do this, we invested in fine 3D animations, witty song lyrics, and an original catchy tune (warning: very catchy tune!). The song has already been produced in English, French, and Spanish, and we are currently working on the next language adaptations, including: Italian, Polish, and German.

When seeking CE-E’s response to this post we received the following statement from his agent: “I would like to thank my fans across Europe for their love and support, and to reassure parents that even now that I sing and dance during the day, I am still dedicated to testing toys every night. Despite my newly-acclaimed fame, other than upgrading to a fancier shelf in the toy store, and buying Barbie the doll house she’s always wanted, I am still the same simple robot”.

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