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Getyoo and PingPing launched a micropayment solution using a simple NFC Smart Sticker

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Getyoo, a company providing solutions to retrieve digital media via contactless smartcards announces a partnership with PingPing, Belgacom venture dedicated to mobile payment. By deciding to merge both services into one single smartcard using NFC technology, the businesses aim to quickly reach new market segments.

Concretely PingPing tags, NFC (Near Field Communication) stickers or smartcards enabling to pay for purchases of products and services, will now also be used to collect digital media through Getyoo. This joint offer will allow to target both the event industry (Getyoo’s core business) and the retail sector.

“We immediately saw an obvious correlation between our services,” stated Stijn Vander Plaetse, vice president of Belgacom Innovation “our clients who receive PingPing tags to make payments at cash desks could get additional benefits that will, for example, allow them to select recipes in a supermarket aisle using the same tag.” “Similarly,” added Alexis Tinel, CEO of Getyoo, “in addition to having the possibility of selecting digital catalogues or media on trade shows’ stands, a visitor will be able to buy a can of coke with the same tag.”

This collaboration between an innovative Belgian start up and the Belgacom Group is a good example of the Belgacom Business Accelerator Program. The goal of this program is to open Belgacom Group assets, in this case PingPing NFC solutions, to help partner to accelerate their growth in a win-win mode.

Getyoo and PingPing have signed their partnership agreement in September 2010. Today the product is finished and ready to be launched on the market. At first step, it will be directed to very targeted actors but the plan is to develop large scale projects in a near future. The arrival of new smartphones and mobile phones having NFC technology embedded will help to quickly spread NFC solutions in the coming months.

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