Getyoo launches the Clickey

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Getyoo (pronounce Get You) is a free web-based platform allowing people to gather all their social activity on the web.

The novelty of the platform is the Clickey, a wireless key allowing users to connect to people, objects and ‘things’ in real life. In just a click, people can send and receive informations. Clickey is the electronic combination of a business card and an electronic carrier bag for anything you’d want to carry around.

There are also Tags, small stickers containing any info that can be sticked on almost every object! Clickey’s can read Tags and retrieve information linked to them: product details, user’s manuals, videos, websites or personalized offers. The official release will be in a couple of months but the team regularly send invitations to join the Getyoo beta. So don’t hesitate to click, connect & share.

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