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groupe Reflect joins Emakina Group

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

We’re very pleased to announce that groupe Reflect is now a member of Emakina Group. Located in Paris and Limoges, our 17 new French colleagues have a strong background in Web 2.0 and serve large accounts like Legrand, Nike, L’Oréal or Danone (have a look at their weblog which provides a good insight into their their corporate culture). With this new acquisition, our European network makes a new leap forward and totals more than 160 employees, spread over 3 countries and 5 agencies: Emakina, B. On The Net, Design is Dead, SunTzu and, since yesterday, groupe Reflect.

– The pictures of the party at groupe Reflect’s office.
– A screenshot of the countdown on the groupe Reflect’s website
– The buzz in the French blogosphère: Jacques Froissant, Jean-Luc Grellier (Project Manager at groupe Reflect), Sylvain Ratton (trainee at GR)…
– The article on Journal Du Net.
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