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Happy birthday Emakina.FR!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Some 200 000 years ago the Homo Sapiens arrived on Earth, a species capable of language, learning and of tool making. Thousands of years later, a new species, Digital Natives, emerged with the mouse pointing at connected terminals. In 1997, the early adopters braved the Internet navigating at a pace of 28kbps, used 32 Mb memory cards and weren’t afraid to declare the minitel, their national pride, was living its last hours.


Founded by Manuel and Carlos Diaz back in 1997, Emakina.FR is now celebrating its 15th birthday. During this decade and a half, we have been working to build rich, interactive and intuitive experiences between brands and clients. While Facebook claim more than a billion users of all ages, Emakina has grown up with the Web and has accompanied it with its technological evolution.  Every day, our experts analyze and implement creative and highly-performant interfaces for consumers. More than ever, we make sure the brands enjoy all digital possibilities. We truly live in the future and that’s probably the best place to be to understand our client’s future… for at least 15 more years!

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