How can the French elegance and style go digital?

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

This is exactly the question, raised by La Chapelle Saint Martin, a luxury hotel and restaurant offering its guests a premium experience, in accordance with the renowned French tradition.  Of course, no one could better answer this question than Emakina.FR, the digital-native agency, famous for its French flair.

Following its proposal, the agency was assigned with defining the digital strategy of this prestigious brand. As part of its solution, Emakina.FR developed a new website (entirely in HTML5), featuring a responsive design for multiple devices. So whether visiting the site from your desktop computer, mobile, or tablet – you will be inspired by the brand’s ‘Art of Living’ from the very first click!

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But there’s more! In order to create a holistic digital ecosystem of elegance and style, the digital experience of La Chapelle Saint Martin now includes social networks, like Facebook, YouTube, and TripAdvisor. Other than appreciating the brand through its digital presence, visitors are offered some essential information and are even invited behind the scenes of Gilles Dudognon’s famous kitchen!


*Inspired by a post, written by Romain Dehaudt for the Emakina.FR blog.

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