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Ice cream for all, continued

Author: Luc Malcorps

Emakina received yet again the happy surprise  of an ice cream treat.

After the visit a few days ago of the Combell summer ice cream tour, this time our colleagues from PNU,  the combination of Persgroep and Rossel, came by for a tasteful visit.

Jerome Geneste, Marketing Manager at Rossel and Emilie Anaf, account manager digital at the Persgroep along with some of their colleagues came to say hello to our team from the Robert & Marien media agency, and invited all Emakinians to join in the fun.


Ice cream from Carette, a winner!


As PNU combine quality in all types of flavors and perfumes in their service offering, they arrived with  top quality ice cream from Carette, available in a rich variety as well.

Will Robert & Marien start consulting 2 scoops of lemon and one scoop of strawberries over the summer period as part of their online and offline media mix? You never know!


 Brice Le Blévennec and some colleagues from Rossel and de Persgroep, all smiles




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