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“If water could speak” it would sound like the new Emakina video, made for the European Commission

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Water is the source of life. And yet, all too often do we take it for granted, failing to protect it properly. Emakina.eu created a new viral clip for the European Environmental Agency (EEA), titled “if water could speak”, highlighting this exact message.


In developing the concept, our creative team preferred to avoid an ‘institutional’ tone of numbers and figures; nor did they wish to scare viewers with apocalyptic draught descriptions. Instead, they searched their way into the viewers’ hearts and souls, choosing an aesthetic approach of strong visuals and a poetic text. The personification of water is used to addresses European citizens and to raise their awareness to the importance of our common water resources and to our responsibility to preserving them.

So now water can speak, and it is talking to you.


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