KBC Home Loan Invest simulator

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

KBC unfold its new tool to calculate your mortgage loan. The project was fully executed by The Reference, resulting in a very user-friendly tool.
The result is a fresh looking application and it’s like child’s play to determine the sum you want to borrow and would like to pay back each month. After some basic input, you can start playing with two sliders to recalculate the payback period, the monthly repayment and the sum to borrow. It is a crystal clear and easy start to embark for a KBC Home Loan Invest.
It is quite obvious that KBC and The Reference have made an extra effort to create an application that is fully focused on the ease-of-use. The interaction of the tool has highly benefited from using jQuery technology combined with a well thought and ergonomic design and wire framing.

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