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Keytrade Bank recruits 700 new customers thanks to Emakina

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

One month ago, we launched a “members get members” campaign for Keytrade Bank, a Belgian subsidiary of Groupe Crédit Agricole. The core principle of this action relies on sponsoring: as a Keytrade Bank customer, you are prompted to invite your friends and relatives to open a bank account at Keytrade Bank. For every person who becomes a Keytrade Bank customer, you and your friend receive 20 euro on your respective Keytrade Bank accounts. Of course, the more new members you sponsor, the more money you get.

After four weeks, this mechanics has already garnered 700 new customers for Keytrade Bank without using any other channel than pure word-of-mouse. And it’s not over yet as this campaign is still running until May 27th.

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