Microsoft launches the IE9 with Design is Dead and groupeReflect

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Wednesday, Microsoft launched its beta version of Internet Explorer 9, the new enriched version of its navigator, with groupeReflect and Design is Dead, who won the pitch involving some of the most creative agencies in the world and by this entered Microsoft’s « Beauty of the web » hall of fame. .

The MONA project (Museum of NeverEnding Art) is a virtual collaborative museum to which every surfer will be able to bring his own artistic contribution. This canvas, which is white at the beginning, will evolve over time and will be filled with new pictures, new designs or new texts. They can be either uploaded or they can be made in the web navigator itself. This will be a great international collaborative work of art, that is destined to live forever after…

In order to meet the MONA challenge – one of the technical difficulties is managing the contribution of thousands of surfers -, a team of 8 persons, working in Paris and Antwerp, worked for a period of four months. On top of the technical challenge, they had to face a tight deadline: the entire production of the campaign needed to be done in just a few months.

This international campaign is the fruit of the first close collaboration between the Antwerp agency Design is Dead and its Parisian homologue groupeReflect. The two Emakina agencies share a passion for creative and technical excellence. Since September, Design is Dead has also become the official creative partner of the Parisian branch. A selection of Design is Dead designers will now regularly visit France to support the digital team of groupeReflect, under the supervision of Creative Director Hendrik Everaerts.

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