New functionalities for FlySN.com

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Hebrew website
First website Emakina has launched in Hebrew. It’s been a challenge to work this out, since none of us reads the language. Not only is it written right-to-left, the visitors also expect the whole website to be mirrored.

New homepage
Since the launch of the website over a year and a half ago, a revision of the homepage was in order to keep the site alive and to optimize it based on the previous experience. After careful analysis we came up with two designs that were both quite different. To decide which one would be the winner, we ran both for a period of 2 weeks and measured which one had the best score (measured by statistics, click-through-rates, visit-to-use, etc…).

Splash Page
We have introduced a language selection page that directs visitors quickly to their local website (i.e. flysn.be) when they are actually typing in www.flysn.com . We are thus dispatching them over 50+ websites!

Improved promotion engine
Finding promotions on the flysn website is crucial and therefor we have optimised the promotion engine . It is now able to display promotions from any website, grouped by countries and cities. On the backend, the system works in a Service Oriented Architecture, where everything is linked together with Web Services.

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