Pfizer offers free 80’s Arcade Games

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Calendar and planning sometimes create funny coincidences. Two weeks ago, we launched a viral video to promote the Belgian release of Spore, probably one of the most advanced gaming experiences you can try on a computer screen. Today, we unveil QuittersArcade.com, a fantastic tribute that Pfizer offers to the classic arcade games you played in the eighties.

QuittersArcade.com consists of a free set of retro arcade computer games you can embed on your blog or your Facebook profile to challenge your friends. The three games available are all adaptations of well-known arcade games: Pack Man, Fogger and Bin-it!

You have two possibilities to play and share them: visit www.QuittersArcade.com or add the games to your personal blog by a simple copy-paste of a HTML snippet. Players can compete against each other, with a scoreboard for registered users. An “interblog” scoreboard lists the leading blogs and URLs.

In addition to your blog, you can also display the Pack-Man as a widget (application) on your Facebook profile and invite your friends to participate. The end goal is to encourage players to seek help from a doctor, reject smoking and all its paraphernalia and most importantly, to triumph over addiction.

Watch out the official trailer for this campaign:

gallery image