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PKA Wanabe is asking for your help in finding six stolen art pieces…

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

PKA Wanabe, a member of the Emakina Group, was selected to set up the web platform of The Spiral, a cross-border and cross-media interactive game. You might have not heard of it yet but this is about to become the new buzz across Europe!  The Spiral is a television programme, aired simultaneously in eight European countries: Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Produced by the international Brussels/ Los Angeles based Caviar Films company; the series tells the story of an art community, centred in Copenhagen, and its charismatic leader – who conspires to steal six of the most important paintings held in museums across Europe.




Yet, being a cross-media action series, The Spiral is not like any other TV programme you’ve seen before! Viewers in all participating countries are invited to compete over finding the stolen masterpieces, through a game involving both online tasks and off-line challenges. As for the group of rebellious artists, they also have an online presence, in the form of a Facebook group which follows the developments and sends out challenges and instructions. Apart Facebook, the fictitious story universe of this project includes numerous other websites.

Due to the fact that PKA Wanabe is based in Waterloo, the production was entitled to financial support from Wallimage, a public fund which supports Walloon audio-visual productions.

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