Security first for Base

Author: José Luis Santos

In 2004, BASE company was looking for a partner to create and develop an innovative online platform. Design is Dead formed a special unit of top talents and deployed this dedicated team to the BASE offices in Brussels, where it set out to create many digital applications. The intense collaboration between BASE and the DiD team has been going strong for more than a decade.


Tracy is a web application for internal use at BASE to manage all judicial requests from Belgian law enforcement, security and government services. Requests arrive at BASE through email or fax and are automatically queued in Tracy. The justice operators at BASE pick up the requests from the queue and process them within the application, including customer identifications, call histories, mobile phone tracing and tapping into all network traffic. Invoices are also generated and printed through the application.

Fraud Detection System

Fraud Detection System or FDS is an internal web application used by the BASE fraud control team. Call data and customer activations are monitored 24/7 for fraud patterns. When an anomaly is detected, the application triggers an alert that can be checked by the fraud analysts. These alerts protect BASE from income loss, they also protect the customers from high invoices. 250 million data-records are checked and processed daily.

Every application developed by Design is Dead Brussels gets full support. We do this in a 24/7 modus under a Service Level Agreement with clear KPI’s.

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