Senior Strategic Planner Carl De Gussem Joins Emakina

Author: Max Van der Beken

We warmly welcome Senior Strategic Planner Carl De Gussem to the Emakina family!
Carl joins his former creative director partner of Kitchen Agency, Véronique Hermans, as part of Emakina’s Communication team. Carl already knows Emakina well, having developed several campaigns for the team, for corporate accounts and for the European Commission.


Carl De Gussem is a ‘polymath’. His expertise in multiple areas ranges from the humanities, media content analysis, over ashion and design trends to the aesthetics of manga art. As Senior Strategic Planner, he will focus on market research and information analysis data, to extract creative ideas and strategic plans for clients.

Carl has 20+ years of strategy and agency work under his belt, working as an employee for Publicis and Young&Rubicam, and as an independent consultant for Mostra, Havas and… Emakina. He was part of teams developing successful strategies for Citibank, Danone, Ford, Fost Plus, Kraft, National Lottery, Lu and Land Rover.

Starting his career as a journalist and copywriter, De Gussem moved to Publicis as Account Director and Strategic Planner. From 1995 to 2005, he managed Young&Rubicam’s strategic planning department. Here, he also developed the Belgian component of the Brand Asset Valuator, WPP’s flagship brand perception tool. In 2000 Carl launched Ubik, his independent consultancy and he joined forces with Véronique Hermans in 2010, co-founding Kitchen Agency. He now re-unites with her once more, in the context of Emakina, where she started recently as Creativer Director.

Carl De Gussem: ‘Absorbing content from a diversity of information grids gives me a real kick. Understanding people and their relationships to the world allows me to inject this knowledge and new insights in brands. Emakina is a fertile environment for this kind of creative thinking and for rich and innovative strategies.’

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