Sporevolution: Follow The Creature…

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Spore is the new game from Will Wright, the father of the famous Sims (I’m sure you played the Sims at least once in your life). To make it short, Spore puts you in the position of God: like a demiurge, you can create and nurture a creature through different stages of evolution (cell, creature, tribe, civilization…), from microscopic to macroscopic.

As Spore is about to hit the Belgian market next week, Electronic Arts entrusted us to promote this major release with a viral campaign in social media that could trigger the curiosity of Belgian gamers and “creative” people. The video below was made with the “stop motion” technique: we assembled frame by frame the pictures of the same creature standing in a different posture. In addition to the files on Dailymotion or YouTube, you can also watch this animation full screen on www.sporevolution.be.

In real life, grafer Olivier (codename “2shy”) painted the creature on a wall located along the Brussels-Charleroi canal, not far from the… Spoorwegstraat. If you happen to hang out in the neighborhood, you can still admire this art performance “live” at this place:

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