The Beauty and the Geek: Troy marries Emakina

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

On 14 February, Valentine’s day, digital native agency Emakina and communication agency Troy are proud to announce their marriage. A marriage out of love and the birth of the future agency model.

This alliance is the result of Emakina’s commitment to reinforce the creativity that is at the heart of their offer in strategic, marketing and technical services. The alliance between Emakina and Troy will enrich the Emakina/Agency team and the existing brand activation services of the agency.

Since its foundation, Emakina has combined creativity, technologies and business. These last years, Emakina has invested more in digital tools (Search Marketing, Direct Marketing, Mobile Development, etc.). With the integration of Emakina/Agency, and the integration of Troy, Emakina invests in its creative and conceptual talents. It will offer a unique service on the Belgian market: the creative world will meet the digital world of tools and strategy… to live happily ever after.

The Beauty and the Geek

The traditional duo ‘creative director / client services director’ no longer matches the evolution of the market and the real needs of our clients. We are convinced that the best partner of a creative director is a digital native, an expert in digital strategy who knows everything about the latest trends, innovation and best practices in the market, who can offer creation the tools it needs to adapt and continuously optimize the message.

Towards a new type of creative dynamics: creactivity

Before, a creative developed a concept, followed the development and everything stopped once the campaign kicked off. The only thing he still had to do was to wait for the results of the post-test. Now, with the arrival of creactivity, the launch of the campaign is but the beginning of the creative work. Thanks to the union, the analyst will daily feed back on the results of the campaign in order to allow the creative to boost the performance by making the necessary changes.

No creative ideas, business ideas

The alliance between Emakina and Troy will also allow us to focus our creative energy on ideas that go beyond the communication strategy. Today, advertisers need campaigns but also and foremost, they need creative partners who can propose business ideas by developing tools and programmes in the long term. Ideas that give the marketing strategy a boost and that lead it to sales successes.

No Living Apart Together

In order to allow this new dynamic to come to life, the entire Troy team will move to the Emakina offices as of March. This includes Didier De Jaeger (the president of Troy, who becomes Executive Partner at Emakina), David Grunewald (the General Manager of Troy becomes responsible for Emakina/Agency), Xavier Bouillon (Creative Director at Emakina), Antoine Wellens (Creative Director at Emakina), and the entire Troy Agency team.

And yes… you can share the moment, and add to joy of the newly weds by leaving them a message…

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