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The Emakina Syndrome. Is it curable?

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Do you ever get that feeling that wherever you go, you see Emakina?


No no, not just hearing about another successful project or satisfied client, but  literally SEEING Emakina all around you? It might have started a few months ago when every time you watched David Guetta’s latest video, you could swear recognising the Emakina logo!

It then got worst. Even a random topic, like NASA’s mission to space, made you immediately envision those parallel and perpendicular  bars of Emakina.  What scientists now call the “Emakina Syndrome” seems to be triggered by almost anything; even an innocent acuity tests for pilots




Logically, the “Emakina Syndrom” has intrigued thousands around the world; from pop music fans, through NASA astronauts, to some poor confused pilots. Some say it’s on the CIA’s top list of unsolved mysteries. But science seems unable to explain what makes the Emakina logo appear in the last places to be expected!

Is it a divine message? An international conspiracy? Or simply an insignia too beautiful to resist (remaking)?




The good news is that you are not delusional. The bad news is that this time even a psychiatrist can’t help.


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