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The integrated campaign for SEAT brings together (almost) all of Emakina’s fields of expertise!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Being a large and diverse communication group, Emakina offers its clients and partners a wide range of services. We typically choose the best match for each of our campaigns. It is fairly rare that a single one makes use of almost the entirety of our services, yet, this was the case of a new campaign, we put together with SEAT. Having recently signed a framework contract with the Spanish automobile manufacturer, Emakina developed a transversal campaign which involved the use of radio, billboards and press ads,  , Facebook pages and applications, a landing page for iPads, content management on social networks, point of sales for field agents, and even windows stickers as freebies!



The “Top Days” campaign had four set objectives: generate traffic to SEAT dealers; launch the new Mii model (encouraging potential drivers take it for a test drive); increase the number of test drives; and create a large and active community on the SEAT Facebook page. Potential buyers were invited to interact with the brand by filling out a questionnaire postcard which they left with a dealer or posting their picture on SEAT FB page by using the designated aps tablet/ Facebook app.

We incentivised participants by offering a pair of cinema tickets to every 50th person who posts a picture from the event on the SEAT Facebook page. But that’s not all! One lucky participant, who would have the closest answer for the subsidiary question, will win a brand new Mii!!

The campaign turned out as a great success; close to 2,000 leads were generated, over 1,200 potential buyers participated in the photo contest from the various points-of-sale, more than 130,000 people visited the website, and 6,000 new fans joined the SEAT Facebook page.

What’s left now is to reveal the identity of the grand winner…


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