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The new Emakina site is online.


Its very comprehensive content explains and illustrates very clearly what an e-business agency is: methodology, structure, glossary, strategy….    In addition to its well laid out graphics and its original and versatile interface, it has the novel aspect of being dynamically generated according to the profile and the industrial sector of the visitor.   In particular, the design, the homepage, the references, the news and the contacts sections will be personalised.

The site is fully managed by a Web Content Management house which enables the publication of projects, websites, achievements, case stories, news;  the management of users, clients, staff, partners and competitors;  the creation and management of newsletters;  the automatic sending of e-mail shots;  the publication of employment opportunities and the tracking of CVs.

Lastly, an extranet access enables Emakina clients and staff to access a personalised homepage by user.  This system permits the publication of live sites on personalised homepages, the development and staging of clients and personalised messages.  With a simple click, the user can bookmark the pages of the site or useful URLs.  Clients also have access to a free tool to send signed SMSs, a directory of staff and their ‘Project Site’ containing a forum system, a tool to manage tasks, manage approvals and sending files.

Overall, a good demonstration of the possibilities of a website, an instance of putting what we advise into practice, something which is not always the case of sites in this sector ; -)

Lastly, some amusing surprises await the curious, partners and….. competititors !

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