The new “I love radio” has arrived!

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

Emakina has recently put online the new version of the I love radio advertising platform for media house IP Radio.

The site, which targets everybody who is passionate about radio, creative people and agency managers, is now equipped with a series of new functionalities:

–   It has new categories such as Backstage and Anthology

–   Best of the month brings each month the top favourites of the IP Radio team.

–   Vintage takes you on a trip down the memory lane of radio advertising.

–  Users can now share lists of their favourite commercials, articles and interviews. All via a simple copy/paste link.

Emakina has also given a new look to the design and has built a new interface in order to make the navigation experience even more accessible.

Today, I love radio advertising reviews over 67.000 radio commercials. It allows surfers to listen to and download the icons of radio advertising. All free of charge.

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