The Reference and Gazet van Antwerpen bring you live news

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

The Reference is finishing a new touch application for Gazet van Antwerpen, one of the newspapers of media company Concentra. Local news is visualised on a map and can be read via a simple touch movement. The deadline for this exclusive is the opening of the Antwerp book fair this weekend.

The local news is immediately visualised on four giant touch screens. Not only do you read what has happened, you also see where it has happened. You can have a look at the news on a satellite map, explore other news items, or use the search function to discover what has happened in and around the ‘Bouwcentrum’ where the book fair takes place. The news that touches you… and that you touch right back!

Gazet van Antwerpen gives you yet another reason for visiting the book fair between 31 October and 11 November. You can find their stand in hall 2.

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