The Reference and Mobixx, partners for the Belgian market

Author: Brice Le Blévennec

A few weeks ago, I emphasized that The Reference was working on a range of exciting projects in their new offices. After installing RTBF radio stations on Microsoft Media Center, our colleagues today announce an exclusive partnership with Mobixx for the Belgian market.

Mobixx, who generated a lot of buzz during the latest 3G congress in Barcelona, is a technology platform intended for the development of applications for the mobile Internet. Originally defined by various working groups within the IBBT (Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology), Mobixx has become an independent spin-off which will work together with The Reference to market its solutions to Belgian companies.

With Mobixx, any web site can be converted for the mobile Internet without losing its original look and feel. In order to retain the maximum user-friendliness, the site automatically adapts to the specific features of your mobile phone, whatever model or brand you are using. We’re talking here about a real transformation of the web site to make it compatible with the world of mobile phones, not just of a simple “shrinking” of an existing site. Mobixx enables personalisation to be taken even further, modifying the content according to the profile of the user, and according to the geographical location of the mobile phone.

For its part, The Reference, as an interactive full service agency, is bringing to Mobixx its experience in development and ergonomics which it has built up with major customers in the Belgian market. With this partnership, we want to take the mobile Internet beyond the gadget stage to become a real communication channel to address the needs of the user.

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