The Reference redesigns Shurgard websites

Author: Alex Papanastassiou

The Reference, Emakina’s Ghent-based digital agency, delivered yet another fine website using Sitecore. The new online experience  introduces Shurgard’s self-storage concept and  efficiently guides visitors towards the perfect storage unit for their needs.

The launch of the Shurgard UK website is the first in a series of new redesigned country websites. Shurgard provides self-storage solutions in Belgium, the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. This multi-country and multi-language reality requires innovation.

The Reference created an elegant Sitecore setup that allowed specific optimizations and tweaks per country. The team combined a clever toolbox with re-usable components and a fresh design.

“This is a textbook example of how intensive collaboration at all levels can lead to fantastic results. The large degree of transparency between the teams of Shurgard and The Reference have led to results that are perfectly in line with the objectives” – Anja Cappelle, CEO of The Reference

The customer journey was the main focus for the UX and graphical design. The result was a streamlined and intuitive reservation process, from initial entry to booking a storage unit.

To manage the complexity of the website redesign, Shurgard and The Reference agreed on an agile project methodology. The website was completely built from scratch using a component based architecture within the Sitecore Experience Platform. This allows the re-use of components and personalization throughout the website. A content editor now creates pages by selecting and combining lay-outs and components.

Shurgard can easily build two versions of a page, set up A/B tests and continuously test and improve them.

With user tests of realistic scenarios, each strategic decisions was validated throughout the customer journey. With the help of a representative sample of online visitors,  final tweaks were made, before going live (in full glory!).

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